Song of the Day 4/27/11: “Thursday” by Morphine

This band was recently brought to mind when a friend and I were hanging out playing some music. I remember the first time I heard this song. I was in college and I was working at my college radio station WEIU. I had heard of Morphine, but never heard them. One of the responsibilities I had was to go through all the new releases on Tuesdays and determine what we would add to the library. The disc in question was an eight song sampler from Rykodisc who I believe was re-releasing some earlier Morphine albums. I skipped to the fifth song, which was my standard practice since someone once advised me it was good practice because in vinyl terms the fifth song would be the first song on the second side… the best song. The song was “Thursday”. A little feedback, tribal drums, fuzzed-out bass. Then some lyrics and a saxophone?! But not a Kirk Pengilly-Kenny G.-gratuitous 80′s saxophone, it was different. It was low. It was dirty. It was all rhythm and it was perfect. I eventually learned everything I could about the band. The alternately tuned 2 stringed bass played with a slide, the baritone sax, the drums. That’s all, nothing else. Well maybe a little more from time to time, but not much. Luckily, I got the chance to see the twice, once on New Year’s Eve 1999, and they were both amazing shows. The lead singer and bass player Mark Sandman collapsed on stage at a show outside Rome a few months after that NYE show. I remember hearing it on my headphones listening to WXRT walking home from work. I had just gotten into Morphine and they were done. I will always remember hearing that song, I had never heard anything like it before.

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