STPP Does NYC @ Spike Hill Feature: Daylighting

Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie does NYC… with a little help from some friends at RethinkPopMusic at Spike Hill in Williamsburg on Friday, June 24th.

Play “Sunday’s Moon” by Daylighting (mp3 link)

Hailing from Brooklyn and Manhattan, Daylighting is a musical
collaborative composed of Evan R. K. Garcia, Yuri Soussov, and Shari
Page. Their sounds are channelled by colored currents of raw energy.
Lush tones soak melodies across expansive pulses of cosmic rhythm.


4) Are you planning on playing any new songs at the show on Friday?

We are. We plan on playing two new songs — one that’s new for the rest of the band but an older song that I wrote 3 years ago, called “Rescuer”, and a totally new one that doesn’t actually even have a name yet. The older one has taken on a totally new vibe, which breathes new life into an old memory. The new one is so fresh that the pure spontaneity and uncertainty of playing it live will be sure to give us a lot of adrenaline.

7) Please provide 3-5 influences that your band shares with one another.

We all have divergent musical tastes. Yuri, our bassist, has roots deep in reggae and funk — interesting flavors that I feel come out in his rhythmic playing. His influences are far from our drummer, Shari’s. She listens to a lot of post-punk, punk rock, and general kick-your-ass music, which is fun for drums. I’m pretty far from all of these influences — I love indie rock, pop, motown, jazz, and pretty much anything that moves me. As the songwriter, I love the different styles that the other band members bring to the table; it challenges me. All of our different styles fuse together to create a unique and sonic mixture of influences.

9) Are you currently in the recording studio? If so, when do you plan on releasing your next album?

We’re a pretty new band, we all met and started playing 4 months ago. This Friday at Spike Hill will actually be our last show before we start recording for the first time as a band. We had a slew of recent shows as a new band for pure fun and to see how our chemistry was — it’s been a great experience. We plan on recording for the entirety of July. August will most likely be spent getting all of the other stuff prepared – like mastering, printing, promotion, etc. We’re hoping to have the first Daylighting material out around August/September.